Crisis Communications

Preparing For When Disaster Strikes!

Crises typically strike quickly, without warning! No two crisis situations are exactly alike but in general they fall into one of three categories: manageable, smoldering and full-blown. Depending on how they’re handled, they might blow over in one or two days, or can last indefinitely tarnishing the reputation of your organization.

In addition, the news cycle never sleeps, and the threshold for what is considered news continues to drop. One negative article, blog or tweet can mushroom into a firestorm, lingering forever in the search engines of the world. Reputations built over the years can evaporate quickly. Crisis communications and reputation management requires a high degree of experience and knowledge.

Your Goal: To create a plan that will prepare your organization to rapidly respond to any crisis situation.

malkiaspridenprose Actions: I will become your partner, bond with your team and coordinate the process.

Remember: Decisions made for the short-term benefit often have long-term consequences, especially in the social media age when transparency and disclosure are expected and bad news spreads quickly and virally, often in 140 characters or less.

When a crisis strikes, just call malkiaspridenprose and our crisis communications experts will take immediate action.


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