Malkia “Kia” McLeod has more than 15-years of experience in the youth development, education, energy, environmental, and housing industries. She has worked for government in media relations, marketing, event planning, community outreach, and public affairs. As a former reporter, columnist and freelance writer, she has covered everything from education to politics.

In addition, Kia is the founder of Malkia’s Pride-n-Prose where she offers strategic, integrated communications plans to achieve measurable results; and explores the use of new and social media tools to build relationships. As a certified media trainer, she also trains spokespeople to become more effective communicators.

Kia is a dedicated storyteller with three blogs: career development, customer service and a PR best practices. In addition, she is a frequent contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Home section where she writes home building, buying and renovation techniques; and CareerAddict.com and eHow.com where she writes feature and news articles on career guidance, workforce development and job search tips.

She frequently attends PR and social media events sharing her passion for all forms of communications. In addition, Kia is a strong advocate for affordable housing and youth/career development; and lends her creative talents to worthy causes such as tackling the childhood obesity epidemic.

Media Trainer
Crisis Manager
Internal and External Communicator
Public/Media Relations
Social/New Media Strategist
Special Events Planner


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